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Drift off and discover: When Saints Go Machine

OK, same as I like to inspire people, I also love to get inspired by people. Since I am basically online the whole day, I often see songs coming by via social media. Music-obsessed as I am, my curiosity always wanders and immediately clicks around when some song appears. That in fact, is how I discover the best music and in this case: When Saints Go Machine.

I am always wondering where people get to know bands like these, because they are not particularly mainstream. Now, I know that the guy who shared this on his timeline doesn’t exactly have a mainstream taste in music, so I am not surprised. Although this group has been around for almost ten years already, I haven’t heard of When Saints Go Machine before. Ha, like I know all bands in the world – couldn’t be further from the truth.

Discover Fail forever

As soon as the beat kicks in, psychedelic is the first word that comes to mind. It’s kind of all over the place which immediately reminds me of MY KZ, YR BF by Everything Everything. Since that song is one of my all time favorites, because of this ultimate chaos (I am not your Casanova!) this Fail Forever is also a good addition to my playlist. I guess it’s a you love it or absolutely hate it kind of thing.

So, you guys must be burning with curiosity after this long intro – Let me present to you:

via Official Website – When Saints Go Machine

It’s not a new track, since it already got released in the USA in 2011 (electronic/dance). Doesn’t matter though, I love this mysterious, weird, electronic, psychedelic, ghostly song.

Then I began to wonder

After listening a bit more, Fail Forever surprises me with a tune I have heard before! Where do I recognize this from?

Sounds like something popular from the 90’s, weird vibe.. and in the back of my mind, some other song started to play:

“Run away, turn away, runaway, turn away, run away – tell me whyyyy”.

No idea what the official title is, but after a quick search it turns out to be:

YEEES, that’s it!

But nooooo, this can NO way be a 90’s original. No, there is this other song.

Gosh, it goes way back, must be 80’s, but what was the name..

“run away turn away – tell me why”

Aaaaah – the original is from 1984:

Discover (l.i.m.p)

Have I already mentioned I love 80’s music? Small town boy is not one of my favorites, but it’s quite recognizable. Everybody knows this one. The only thing I can imagine is that you don’t know the name or the artist. Just like me (even though it’s in my playlist – auch)

Anyway, I am very sure that many of you read this and think: what is that girl talking about? How does a mind work in this mysterious way when you hear a song that you’ve never heard before? How does hearing an English song performed by a Danish band, calls another one from the 90’s to mind and then wonder back to the early 80’s?!

I hear you, but Isn’t it amazing how minds can work? Isn’t this actually the way that music works with everybody? I have no idea why I tick like this, but when it comes to music, my mind wanders all around. I literally can get lost in music, spent hours scrolling through songs because of 1 song that reminds me of another, yet has nothing to do with the other. In this case, this tiny little beat reminded me of a lyric  – from a whole other dimension, but I just love to get lost in beats and melodies and discover artists.

So, in the end: When Saints Go Machine is no brand new discovery, but if you were only looking for new music, you wouldn’t be here. These posts on a random Tuesday night is the exact reason that I started Motel Jukebox ♥.

So, give them a go and let me know what you think!

Sleep tight!

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