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Jukebox Friday – wk 31 – 2017

Two weeks after I started Motel Jukebox I decided that I wanted to do something like a weekly list or favorites. Since I always start my friday by scrolling and listening to New Music Friday Deutschland and Release Radar, I started making a playlist at the beginning of June.

Unfortunately, there were so few songs that really caught my interest and therefore the list was so damn short, that I just saved it. I just noticed that I have created the list on the 9th of June, almost two months ago, and the fact is that, some of those songs, are still worth listening to or I immediately feel like dancing to them.

So in this first JUKEBOX FRIDAY (god, how I wish I had a real one) you will find songs from today and a few that have been sticking around for the last two months.

The list

Alright, here we go. First of all, I always immediately click on the songs if I know the artist already. In this case, among others: Wrabel, The Chainsmokers, Everything Everything, Chris Isaak, Bastille, Arcade Fire and The Weeknd. So, without further ado, let’s turn on the jukebox:

In the mix. I LOVE Chris’s original, it’s so good so my usual shot of scepticism kicked in again. 80/90’s artist, a cover again? How many do we have to endure? But, ladies and gentleman, this one: YES. I’m not even going to talk you through it, just listen and love it.

So baby, hold me closer in the backseat of your Rover. Gosh, is anybody out there that can’t sing along? Even though, I heard this one SO many times, I am still not sick of it. That is not the case with Honest. I guess I need to hear this remix a couple of times to really appreciate it – or it gets played so much that it automatically gets stuck in your head. We will see. I’m not in love with it.

The Weekend.. hmm I like their previous releases but no, Reminder is not my thing. A little too much weed, niggas and chicks (and yes, I am the same girl that talked about her special special interest, like ghetto’s!). I know that their other songs aren’t really innocent either, but no, this release is not mine. I’m going to search for the lyrics to see if I’m exaggerating …… OK, I’m not. NEXT

Aaaah, Arcade Fire. Since I heard Everything now, I expect every song on their new album to be great. At this moment in time  I don’t have any “Chemistry” (ha!) with this new release. No, too easy on the ears, to poppy (and yes, Everything now is as well). I don’t know. Every time I see album posters of them hanging all over the city, I get happy, but this song – no.

Decisions as I go, to everywhere I flow. Sometimes I believe – at times I just don’t know. I loved Reality when it first got released, so I am curious. Also, the teamed up with Netsky. Where do I know that name from? AH, Rio, yes, that was a great one. I guess I sort of like this one, but I don’t love it.

This voice, his voice, Wrabel gets to me, with that belt “the villaaaaaaaaaaage”- it’s 10:04 am and I am ready to burst into teasers, because it’s so darn beautiful. Yes, I did him right to dedicate a Weekly discovery to Wrabel. Listen to it, LOVE it. YES.

But if you close your eyes (EH-OH-EHOH). Somehow, Bastille always has a way of creating something good. I love almost everything that they released. I also them live at Lollapalooza and they were fantastic.

Yes, good job! Hm, now I see that this song was already released two weeks ago on SoundCloud. Haha, top. Anyway, I love it!

Everything Everything totally had me with their single MY KZ YR BF. That will always be a great love of mine, or maybe the timing was just right, but the rest their repertoire is not really my thing. I guess the lead singer’s voice is too present, too high. It gets on my nerves a bit.


Ok, I was curious because of this band’s name. Body funk has “you spin me right round baby right round” (no not the 2008 Florida release (which rocked as well), but the Dead or Alive, 80’s version). Oeh, from 0:38 it’s gets a little Daft Punk – Around the world-ish. Then at 0:53 I immediately hear Ottawan: “hands up, baby hands up, baby your heart, baby give me your heart”.

Oeh, and: “Freak out, le freak, c’est chic”.

Men, that ALL happens in my brain in the first minute. Haha, maybe it’s me, but that’s just the way it is and oh, we are not done yet. “Music makes you lose control (jo, Missy Elliot). I guess if you named your band Purple Disco Machine, you did a very good job mixing a whole lotta Monica disco fever, 80s, 90s into one song! I would say: mission accomplished.


YAS, this song just made me jump out of my chair and dance to this fabulous rhythm. Yesssss, so good! No idea if I still feel the same in a week of a month, but it totally makes me happy right now! Festival summer, here I come.

I discovered Jamie Lawson when I took a last scroll through New Music Friday Deutschland. Relaxing, peaceful, easy to listen to in the best way possible. It’s romantic, has rhythm, it’s danceable – I love it! Ha, after a little bit of research, Irish acoustic singer/songwriter Lawson feels inspired by Crowded House and R.E.M. Now I see why I love this song!

Now that I am reading more about Jamie, I have the feeling that I am going to dedicate a post to this guy!

From the first second, Only immediately reminds me of A-Team by Ed Sheeran. But that’s just in my head. This song pulls me in, with its beat, it’s rhythm. It’s relaxing, soothing, loungy, but also danceable. Just that kind of song that fits to every mood – actually a tiny little bit like Birocratic. This song actually turns out to be a cover from RY X – Only.

If you have ANY recommendations, please let me know!

Enjoy your day!

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