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Drift off and discover: When Saints Go Machine

(English) OK, same as I like to inspire people, I also love to get inspired by people. Since I am basically online the whole day, I often see songs coming by via social media. Music-obsessed as I am, my curiosity always wanders and immediately clicks around when some song appears. That in fact, is how I discover the best music and in this case: When Saints Go Machine.

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Sunday special: we can be heroes

(English) Since this movie was probably my first introduction to Berlin. Yes, shady clubs, deprived urban area’s, drugs and the Europa Center at its dirtiest – top. I have watched this movie so many times, grew to love the German language and I wanted a boyfriend named Detlev. So funny when I think about it. Now, that I have watched the trailer again, I think I also got acquainted with David Bowie through this movie. Since he stars in this movie, this was probably the first time that I saw him. Because of that I also got fascinated with his music and history – since I know Bowie, everything glittery is automatically associated with his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. His exposition in Groningen was awesome and I still want to have this poster: