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Sunday special: we can be heroes

I am fascinated with mystery since I don’t know when. Debby, we go WAY back and share this “hobby” – do you know when it started to kick in?
EDIT: we call this kind of category ‘special interest’. Thanks!

Not that kind of special

I don’t know what you are thinking of when I say ‘special interest’? In my mind it’s organised crime, drugs and ghetto’s, cults, shady bars – whoop, there it is. No, I am not kidding. I am totally aware of the fact that people might consider this to be very strange, but I can’t help it – that’s just the way it is. Besides, I do know other people who are also into this stuff, so I’m not the only one. Exactly why am I making excuses? It’s not like I am into porn – which actually would be totally OK as well. So out with the excuses and in with a story.

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Moving on

I love to watch horror movies, weird documentaries and psychological thrillers. Series like The Following (about a cult, starring Kevin Bacon) and movies like Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo immediately grab my attention. I even still have a couple of books about cults and stuff like that and I am seriously doubting if I should write that down here. Even though I know that more people read those books, I think there still a taboo on it. But hey, who cares: I think the first book (in this genre) that I read was about Marc Dutroux. Well, that’s sets the tone for this special interest fascination, right? Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely horrible what happened down there, but this deranged psychology fascinates me. How in the hell is it possible to think like that? I will never know, and frankly it’s so sick that I don’t want to know, but the fact is: it’s pulling me in.

Sick of preaching this to you

For example: my fascination for organised crime probably kicked in around 2004 – because of a Dutch movie ‘The preacher’ which is about an infamous drug lord Klaas Bruinsma. First I read the book and then I was the first one hungry for the DVD at Free Record Shop in the Netherlands. God, was I happy to have it and be able to finally watch it. Even though it’s a movie, this whole atmosphere was fascinating to me.

I watched that movie SO many times and LOVED the soundtrack! The sex clubs, the ruthless way of dealing with people – I would never want to be part of that world, but to look at it from a distance is just fascinating ( hah, I do realize by admitting this, I will never make friends again – nor will I ever get a decent boyfriend). Of course I know that organised crime is a real, serious thing going on and there a lot of people who have to deal with this and it’s everything but fascinating and fun, but I can’t help it. Maybe it’s because I grew up so protected and well taken care off (thanks to my parents of course). I never had to deal with stuff like this. Forgive me parents, for the silly fascinations that creeped in over the years ;).

We can be heroes

Anyway, the reason that I suddenly felt like writing about this today, has nothing to do with crime, or well, just a little bit. It’s this post that I noticed on Facebook half an hour ago.

Berliner Morgenpost

Since this movie was probably my first introduction to Berlin. Yes, shady clubs, deprived urban area’s, drugs and the Europa Center at its dirtiest – top. I have watched this movie so many times, grew to love the German language and I wanted a boyfriend named Detlev. So funny when I think about it. Now, that I have watched the trailer again, I think I also got acquainted with David Bowie through this movie. Since he stars in this movie, this was probably the first time that I saw him. Because of that I also got fascinated with his music and history – since I know Bowie, everything glittery is automatically associated with his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. His exposition in Groningen was awesome and I still want to have this poster:


It’s the sum mum of mystery, a little bit of darkness and weirdness. Damn, this post is getting more weird with every word I write. Just to calm you down: I am a really nice, easygoing, spontaneous girl. (that’s what she said)

Christiane F – Wir kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo

Now, years after I watch this movie from a different perspective. Since I am a lot older now, I can’t really imagine that I had such a weird view on the city that I now live in! Still, it’s fascinating. Meanwhile, I have read the book and kind of get her behavior. At that age, you want to belong. When I was young, I got bullied a lot, so I also pretended to like things that I actually didn’t. Doing things to belong to some group. Feeling like you have to prove something. I am familiar with that.

No, I never was addicted to drugs. Given the fact that I see some of the real effects this crap has on people, I will never be.

Anyway, watch the movie, read the book, listen to the book or go watch the series.

While adding songs to my personal playlist for this post, I actually discovered (no, I didn’t know, I was more focused on the movie) that Bowie is responsible for the whole soundtrack Christiane F.-Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo(ha, news at 11!) – I just knew Heroes from the soundtrack.



For those who haven’t seen the movie, check the trailer:

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