Drift off and discover: When Saints Go Machine

OK, same as I like to inspire people, I also love to get inspired by people. Since I am basically online the whole day, I often see songs coming by via social media. Music-obsessed as I am, my curiosity always wanders and immediately clicks around when some song appears. That in fact, is how I discover the best music and in this case: When Saints Go Machine.

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Jukebox Friday – wk 31 – 2017

Two weeks after I started Motel Jukebox I decided that I wanted to do something like a weekly list or favorites. Since I always start my friday by scrolling and listening to New Music Friday Deutschland and Release Radar, I started making a playlist at the beginning of June. Unfortunately, there were so few songs…

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Weekly discovery – Birocratic

I frequently watch video’s via YouTube. I never did, but since a few of my favorite bloggers, also started to vlog, I discovered more and more video’s along the way. Last week, my biggest discovery was Jessie Wares music, this week it’s something slightly different (but just slightly) Peach Bums Two weeks ago I was…

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Sunday special: we can be heroes

Since this movie was probably my first introduction to Berlin. Yes, shady clubs, deprived urban area’s, drugs and the Europa Center at its dirtiest – top. I have watched this movie so many times, grew to love the German language and I wanted a boyfriend named Detlev. So funny when I think about it. Now, that I have watched the trailer again, I think I also got acquainted with David Bowie through this movie. Since he stars in this movie, this was probably the first time that I saw him. Because of that I also got fascinated with his music and history – since I know Bowie, everything glittery is automatically associated with his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. His exposition in Groningen was awesome and I still want to have this poster:

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Weekly discovery: Jessie Ware

Frankly, I don’t care. Midnight from Jessie Ware is the first song out of a whole day listening to new playlists that goes directly into my MOTEL JUKEBOX- The official playlist. I am listening to this song for the second time now.. it just ended, but I know for sure that it ain’t going to be the last time!

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July 8, 2017