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Weekly discovery – Birocratic

I frequently watch video’s via YouTube. I never did, but since a few of my favorite bloggers, also started to vlog, I discovered more and more video’s along the way. Last week, my biggest discovery was Jessie Wares music, this week it’s something slightly different (but just slightly)

Peach Bums

Two weeks ago I was ready to watch a stash of vlogs again when suddenly a song kicked in.

“Oh my God, what an awesome song! Oeh, that sounds sooo good. What is it?

*grabs phone and activates app*

Unfortunately, the app didn’t find anything. I checked the description of the vlog. A lot of vloggers also mention the played songs in their vlog, but this vlogger didn’t.

Hmm, maybe it’s in the comment –
no, damn it!

I played the particular part of the vlog again and tried to scan the song with the app again, but it didn’t work.

Two days later I watched a vlog on the same channel and heard that song again. Since the song just has a rhythm and no particular lyrics, words or something (otherwise I always just remember the lyrics and search for the song via the lyrics). AAAARGH, I just couldn’t find it.

I decided to leave a comment on her channel kindly asking the girl to please tell me the name or the artist. I was seriously getting frustrated. It doesn’t happen too often that I hear a relatively new song that I like SO much as this one. Anyway, of course this particular vlogger is also busy doing other stuff, so I didn’t receive an answer. Boo! I just can’t stand to hear a song that I love, but can’t place!


Then two days ago I watched another vlog, a very summery one (you should check out this guy’s channel!), totally unaware of anything I was writing a post when suddenly THAT SONG played. OMG, OMG. Yet again, I activated the app again, but once again – nothing.

It’s such an amazing song. It’s soothing, it has rhythm, it’s not a song that I directly associate with a particular blogger. Needless to say, I love it!

Then thank god, another vlogger and entrepreneur mentioned the artist and song in his vlog.

It turns out to be a song called Peach Bums by Brandon Rowan – 1993 also known as: Birocratic.

I hadn’t heard of him before, but his playlist is pretty damn fantastic. Apparently he is not that known yet, but that won’t be long!

According to Spotify, Birocratic’s top 10 songs are:

Since Peach Bums sounds amazing, I decided to give his latest album Beets 4 a go (edit: apparently these songs are his best of or something like that). When it comes to music, I am pretty picky. Since my biggest love is 80s music – and Parov Stelar – there are not that many artists that I can listen to for a couple of hours. I hit play on this album and I’m telling you: every song has this fantastic soothing rhythm that you can listen to anytime, anyplace.

It’s perfect to wake up to and perfect to fall asleep. Go to the park, lay down, listen to when you are driving your bike through the city, play at a festival or just to sit on the balcony enjoying a glass of wine. I just didn’t have the urge the skip one single song. LOVE IT!

And since I found Peach Bums through Tube, please: give it a go and let me know what you think!
Enjoy your day!

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