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Weekly discovery: Jessie Ware

Once upon a time aka two months ago, I created a category on Motel Jukebox, called Weekly Spotify Discovery. I actually removed it today, because I wasn’t discovering anything.

With full intent of strolling through Release radar and New hits every week and publishing my favorites, I did stroll and listen, but didn’t find enough songs to fill a playlist.


Today, I suddenly heard a song that made me want to actually SEE what I was listening too.

Maybe I love you, maybe I want to, maybe I need you
Don’t let me fall through, now that I need you

Oh and then that soft beat and finger snapping… LOVE LOVE LOVE

Playlist Jessie Ware

This song turns out to be from Jessie Ware. Take a sharp object and drag it across my throat,  but no – I didn’t know Jessie Ware. Her name sounds familiar, but I can’t name one song.

She sounds a bit like Alicia Keys, reminds me of Joss Stone and another great singer that doesn’t come to mind immediately… hmm Emeli Sandé!

Frankly, I don’t care. Midnight from Jessie Ware is the first song out of a whole day listening to new playlists that goes directly into my MOTEL JUKEBOX- The official playlist. I am listening to this song for the second time now.. it just ended, but I know for sure that it ain’t going to be the last time!

My god, it’s actually released today. Instead of finding out new releases a week (or month) after they have actually been released, I’m ‘on time’:

Spotify’s more information button names her in one breath with Sade and Lisa Stansfield (hello!) and apparently she is been singing/performing for quiet some time now.

Most popular songs Top 5

Say you love me
Wildest moments
Meet me in the middle
Tough love
Right thing to do

You and me, blurred lines, we come together everytime (Wildest moments)

This song REEKS of 50 shades of Grey, I recognize this song from somewhere – oeh, I hear a bit of Norah Jones. Let’s check:
hmm nothing but the fact that Jessie is friends with Adele. Haha, not what I was looking for, but I do love the impact that a newly discovered song can have on me!

In the playlist

Ha, I just heard ‘Wildest moments’ which reminded me of Fifty Shades of Grey! Then, scrolling further through her top 5, we have ‘Meet me in the middle’ that is actually part of the Fifty Shades-soundtrack. Gosh, I’m good ;). Not my favourite song to be honest, but I can totally imagine two people making love while this song plays in the background.

A song not named as a top 5: ‘Till the end’ also turns out to be on a soundtrack from a movie I haven’t seen yet. Me before you. Hmm, interesting. I think my date for tonight will be Netflix. Let’s catch up!

Last one that caught my curiosity Right thing to do. Which totally reminds me of I gotta get through this by Daniel Bedingfield – ages ago, on the soundtrack of Bridget Jones Diary. Ain’t it funny (hi, JLO!)

However, Jessie Ware deserves a little shout out tonight!


Enjoy your evening!

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