Welcome to Motel Jukebox

Welcome to the hotel California.

Hotel, motel, holiday INN?

Haha, no, Motel Jukebox is not based on any of those two.

As soon as I felt I wanted that I needed a change from my fashionblog MODESK, I brainstormed for days to get a good name that covered it all.

I was searching for a name that felt welcoming, warm and somewhat mysterious. A name that represents memories, where you feel at home, at ease, get inspired, but also a name that is still open to other walks of life than music. Such as sport, the mind, love, work – which (for me) all comes together in music again.

I created MOTEL JUKEBOX (MOTEL JB) also to not so secretly let my love for 80s music live on. Yes I’m born in ’86 but thanks to Skyradio and my parents that always listened to the radio, I know more lyrics by heart than I know any relevant information.

Of course I also listen to all sorts of other music (except hardcore, heavy-metal and that hard stuff), but there’s something about 80s music. Maybe just the fact that it’s familiair, because I grew up singing it. No idea. I just love it and always come back for it.

Most important feature on MOTEL JUKEBOX that you don’t find anywhere else? Each post has a playlist. I will also link to YouTube for readers who don’t have Spotify.

TUNE IN – everything MUSIC

SPORT – it motivates me to work-out more if I write about it. I’m doing CIZE and HipHopAbs, so that’s music -based as well

CITY –  my favorite shops in Berlin

FASHION –  before I started Motel Jukebox, I wrote fashion blogs on www.modesk.nl – wardrobe stories, Fashion Week posts, shopping- and wishlists.

MIND – meditation, breathing, procrastination, every day life, being aware of what you are doing. Read all about it.



In case of questions or request, feel free to contact me:

July 28, 2017